jeudi 7 janvier 2016

Need a micropayment solution to monetize your digital content??

What is TrickPay?

Trickpay Micropayment is a service dedicated to consumers and webmaster seeking to have additional income from their web site.

Created in 2009 by the team L2T -Landolsi Telecom Technology SMSing an SMS service provider and mobile solutions, 

the solution has great potential for the Tunisian market, primarily the Gaming market is the most important customer for this service.

Due to the lack of means of payment in Tunisia and the low use of bank cards in these countries and the limitation of payment methods, TrickPay micropayment solution by SMS, is the ideal solution for  retaining the  e-commerce markets consumer .

This solution allows to sell any type of digital content to small amounts by the Mobile balance, the buyer has to send an SMS to receive his payment code and buy his product online.

The service currently has international coverage from 9 countries of Africa. including: Tunisia, Morocco, Cameroon, Congo, Guinea ...

Advantages of this solution:

Advantages of this solution:

 Solution is the first purchase of the premium code by SMS in Africa.

 TrickPay is a secure micropayment solution, compared to other means of payment, with no possibility of breakage or loss code.

- The consumer uses only his mobile number, it has no incentive to provide their contact
 information or have an account to use this service.

 TrickPay allows the webmaster to monetize their website by selling its products and services to small amounts. It allows a user to pay for access to all forms of content.

- The solution is based on cloud and has no need for hosting or downloading, simply integrate a payment script into their website to start receiving earnings.

Many types of content: 

Many types of content:
Videos and Games digital content
Online Subscriptions
Gadgets Online
Online advice announcements, publications